1950s prom dress

Greetings from Riviera Maya, Mexico, my favorite place on the planet. Best weather ever---no humidity, no beat- you- to -death wind, high 70's during the day, low 60's at night, plentiful sunshine. Paradise and peace on earth. Yesterday I watched an Indian wedding---the women were dressed in beautiful saris and the men equally stunning in silk long jackets and trousers---about 150 people in attendance and ceremonies had been taking place for 3 days. The bridegroom was at the rear of the procession on a beautiful white horse---others in the procession were dancing, playing sticks and drums, clapping and singing. And these were just family members I was told!! 1950s prom dress

Today I spent the morning on the beach wading in ankle deep water enjoying fish of all colors and sizes swimming around my feet. Saw another wedding on the beach today.

Reading The Daniel Dilemma by my pastor and seeking answers to many difficult questions. 2017 has definitely been the hardest year of my life, and my perennial optimism has taken a real hit. Seeking restoration.