June Bridals boho items to wear for a formal occasion

Dear Republicunts, Alt-Right, KKK, Neo Nazi's, White Supremely Inferior Cunts Cowards and Turds,

You are a disgrace to whypipoe and given their history alone, that does not say a lot about you inferior little ugly bastards.


You know why your kind hate Black Women like me so much?
Because we are not afraid of you.
Because we will stand up to you.
We will speak up for ourselves and for others who either can't or won't.
We will physically defend ourselves, our children, and others when attacked.
We never accepted your "supremacy" and never believed we were
equal to you nor did we want to be.
We navigated around that bullshit.

Your skin does not intimidate us nor does it impress us.
Your red raps, khaki slacks, white polo's, con-shaped hoods, white robes, and Tiki Torches don't strike fear in us.

As for me...I know it bothers you that I don't want to be equal to you, cause contrary to what those b'lackless mf's have lead you to believe, I know that I am Superior to you, so why in the fuck would I minimize myself to be on the level of those that are by nature beneath me and that of amphibian shit at the bottom of the ocean? I would personally shit on your CumFedeRat flag and make you wipe your ass with it. June Bridals boho items to wear for a formal occasion

To be fair, it doesn't say much for the b'lackless mf's that actually fear a recessive trait known to only your kind, either.
But then again just like y'all lack enough melanin to matter; they b'lackless "god fearing" asses lack enough courage to be one of us.
Yes, they are indeed the shit stain of my people as you are still the smelly discharge of whypeepoe.
The way that I see it is that since we are superior to you, that renders y'all irrelevant to us and that is a scary thing to whypeepoe, racist or not.

Maybe that is why Atheist scare you muthafuckah's so much? Think about it. Those that lack belief in your bullshit religion, lack the belief that whypeepoe are something to be fear which makes a racist whypeepoe nothing to fear.

Those that believe in ideologies also tend to fear racist whypeepoe and whypeepoe period.
Kind of like b'lack christians fear their "god".

Regardless, fuck your worthless "god",
fuck that racist ass flag,
fuck your racist ass national anthem,
fuck racist policy enforcement officers,
fuck racist ass whypeepoe and fuck all you b'lackless muthafuckers the most.

All of you can collectively eat a dick and kiss my oh-so-lovely ass.

Fuck you very much


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