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'After training her in school, she says I am an illiterate'

"Dear pals
My name is Ekene, a 38-year-old successful businessman with shops in Lagos, Onitsha, Port Harcourt, and Benin. I am about to lose the only woman I have loved and invested so much money on because she believes I am not up to her standard.
I dropped out of school in Junior Secondary 2 because my parents could not afford to sponsor me further.

I had to join a businessman from my town in Lagos to learn a trade and after spending seven years as an apprentice, my boss settled me by opening a shop for me and also gave me a huge sum of money to start off.

Being very diligent and dedicated, I was able to manage my business very well and God also blessed me with a good acumen. I entered into partnerships with some companies and became their official supplier.

I also went into partnerships with some foreign manufacturers and became their sole distributors in Nigeria and within a few years, I had become very rich. I built a mansion for my parents in the village and was given chieftaincy titles.

But in all my achievements, I never lost sight of the fact that I was not well educated and always longed to get some education and I have improved myself by reading vastly. Very early in life, I had vowed to marry an educated woman and give my children the best education to compensate for my lack of it. June Bridals gold color wears for flower girl

When I told my parents I wanted to get married, they insisted I must get a woman from our village and my mother practically hand picked Uloma for me, saying she came from a very good family and would make a good wife.

I had no objection because Uloma turned out to be a very beautiful and dutiful girl. She had just finished her secondary school education and while my parents insisted we get married immediately, her parents insisted that I should give her some time to get at least an OND.

I was very happy with this decision and told them that I was going to sponsor her through the university and we would get married on her graduation.

My parents, especially my mother, did not like the idea but I assured them I knew what I was doing. Uloma got admission later that year and I was very happy and made sure she lacked nothing.

I rented a two bedroom apartment for her, bought her a car and employed a driver who would be taking her to and from school. I wanted her to be very comfortable and never worry about anything.

But what did I get in the end? Betrayal and heartbreak such that I have never had. Uloma graduated last year and when I told her I would be coming with my family to finalize our marriage rites, she said I should give her some time to settle down after such a grueling time in school.

But since then, she has been giving one excuse or the other till she sent me a text to say she is sorry and that she could not marry me because I am not educated.

I went to my village the next day and when I told my parents about the text Uloma sent to me, they went to her parent's house to find out what was the problem.

When my parents came back, the look on their faces showed there was bad news. They told me that Uloma insisted on not getting married to me and that her parents supported her.

My father has been on my neck to take action and recover all the money I spent on her but I am still in a state of shock and do not know what to do just yet.


Dear readers, Ekene's story is a classic case of betrayal of the highest order and now that he is in a terrible mood, he needs our advice.

So, on Morning Teaser today, what do you think he should do????????