June Bridals gold selections for cocktail party

Love these comparison memes! These so-called healthy juices are packed with high calories, watch em if you're working towards Fat Loss (portion size matters).

Even if you aren't counting calories/macros, all foods still have calories, again portion sizes matter. Healthy foods or the so-called clean foods are not calorie free, in case you didn't know.

People tell me all the time, I'm eating clean, I eat healthy, I don't know why I'm not losing, etc... then I look at their food journal and it's choke full of highly calorically dense foods and they're not actually in a deficit. June Bridals gold selections for cocktail party

Nothing wrong at all with the foods on the left, I love me a naked juice every now and then, but if your goal is fat loss, you still need to be in calorie deficit regardless of the food choices.


You don't have to just eat chicken and broccoli or eat "slim" meals to get in better shape. There's plenty of filling, low calorie and nutritious meals you can get at the supermarket.

When you are in a rush or on the go, Meal Deals are a convenient and useful choice. You aren't always going to have meals prepared to have. That's just life.

Unfortunately many of these meal deals contain way more calories than you likely think. Even the "healthy" stuff.

The reality is that you can still buy lunch on the go. Just watch out for sneaky calories in food you consider to be healthy and make simple swaps.