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How To Report Drug Activity in Your Neighborhood:

* Don't assume the police already know, or that a neighbor will call. Don't assume that one report is all that is needed. If the activity keeps on occurring, keep on reporting it. If the pattern changes, report that change. All neighbors affected by the drug activity are encouraged to report.

* To make a drug report call the Spokane Police Department's Narcotics Unit. Officers are available to take reports and give information, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. Call 625-4010

* Your reports are very important whether you wish to get inolved in the process of getting rid of the drug house or not. Most often an officer is not available to respond to a citizen report of drug activity immediately, however drug transactions seldom involve any danger to neighbors or bystanders. Also drug deals are completed quickly and are often over before an officer can arrive. Reporting the activity to Narcotics and contacting your Block Watch to help organize neighbors against the activity, is the best thing you can do. June Bridals non white color items for wedding

* You can report drug activity anonymously but it is more helpful if you will give your name and phone number in case other information is needed. It is more likely your situation will be worked if you identify yourself and express interest in working with police to rid your block of the problem.

* To help you get a Block Watch started in your neighborhood, call your local neighborhood C.O.P.S. shop and talk to a volunteer. Not sure which C.O.P.S. shop is in your neighborhood? Click on the link below: