June Bridals purple lavender outfits for flower girl

Here's my thoughts on the live action "Attack on Titan" movie. If you're a fan of AoT, steeped in its lore & story, it's pretty terrible. A lot of the story is flat out gone, & many of the characters are very one dimensional. My biggest criticism is what they did to Eren & Mikasa's relationship.

In the anime, the first two things you learn about Mikasa are that she's devoted to Eren & that she's dangerous. You don't find out why until later, or how her red scarf is tied to it, but when you do it all makes sense. In the movie she's just some loved up girl who blushes when Eren gives her his scarf. Worse, they seem to have merged her character with Levi, doing a disservice to both. June Bridals purple lavender outfits for flower girl

If you're not an AoT fan you'll find this film to be serviceable, but nothing special. You'll wonder what all the fuss is about, & why people love AoT. The answer is they love the manga & anime, not this very average movie.