June Bridals red evening gowns

I am tired of all the black, white, yellow, brown talk. ? Racism exist, no doubt but all that extra shit is for the birds. They split us up and identify us as categories. Think about it every year we just become another statistic. Instead of teaching our youth to become better and have a stronger mindset we teach them to be ignorant and pay attention to the wrong type of noise.

Some people haven't experienced racism yet. The cops profile you by the way you dress, talk, and circumstance but racism is different. Have you ever been in a area where you got approached with bats getting called a spic? Have you ever been slammed on the wall and got checked for tattoos? Have you ever went somewhere they said we don't sell 40s here? I did!! ?

? Even minorities are cruel to other races. What makes you treat people like that? What about the poor trailer park home whites? Don't you realize its not race that divides us its our financial situation. You got people like Jay-z, 50 Cent, or P Diddy that are more successfull then most. I seen P Diddy in a Forbes magazines standing in a room with the top 40 investors. June Bridals red evening gowns

? Another thing is all this talk about our community but what do we do to help? Who cares you have an opinion, how is that going to help people evolve? I wake up to all these b.s. posts. Get ya mind out the gutter. You are all feeding into media. I don't even like watching the news anymore.

Do you want to make a change? Than let's do something about it. I am not trying to make money only for me, I want enough wealth to spread with not just my community but the people in need. Remember wealth means quality of life and that is all I want. Talk is cheap, if you really want to help you have to take action.

I am making it my goal this year to raise money to donate to a good cause. I am going to start with the youth and urban community. ? ? ? ?

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