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My communities Board had a problem when I instigated a movement to ban Roundup from the common areas. The woman in charge of landscaping presented me with a paper obviously written by propaganda specialist instead of scientists as none of the data could be documented.

As a result of my work to prevent cancer in our neighborhood including our dogs and cats the Board turned down my gift of a memorial fountain. The butterfly garden is now in a sad state of dying instead of being a beautiful garden of seasonal color for the holidays.

The rest of the community looks dismal as well with grass that has not been mown for weeks and a proliferation of weeds going to seed both in the lawn and flower beds.

How did this all happen? A group of people including an anger management drop out, a couple who a judge ruled cannot see their grandchildren, a Board without any expertise in horticulture, and simple minded people who are more concerned about getting information about their neighbors by supporting certain Board members than the betterment of the community. The majority of the negative people are also Republican Trump supporters which says a great deal about how these evil things have happened. The majority of the. Community are wonderful people but just like the nation at this time, evil has prevailed. Truth and goodness will prevail when enough people say June Bridals white color prom selections with lace
enough is enough.