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Great article for the mamas (or soon to be!) out there- one of the most frequently asked questions about Plexus is... Is it recommended for pregnancy and/or breastfeeding!?

The short answer is YES!

Check out this article on how beneficial it can be for you and baby! Then consider the superior quality of our # ProBio5 , which has 5 enzymes, a prebiotic, anti-fungal, and grapeseed extract! This is so good for mama AND baby! And remember, all of our products are non-GMO and conta ... in no artificial dyes, sweeteners, fillers, or stimulants. You can feel really good about what you're putting into your body.

Combine this with Plexus Slim which maintains stable blood sugars and provides natural sustained energy... and BioCleanse which oxygenates and cleanses you body... SUCH a great combo to keep you healthy during and after pregnancy! JuneBridals cocktail collections of lace
I could not imagine the rough third trimesters or recovery time post partum with Alayna and Ezra, without these supplements!!

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