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I came in. Sweating, despite the cold. Muddy, despite the water. I'd used the outdoor faucet to clean the beaver-dam mud from my shoes. Over-did it, as I do. Watered myself and the side of the house.

Maybe we'll grow.

Still, the mud's gone.

Talked to the neighbor. Told him, between hound-dog barks, that I'd managed to, with a hand-saw, get through the main log that still supported the dam. Huge son-of-a-b, that, but I did it. Turns out my stubborn-ness is good for something after all.

When I came in, I threw the dirty clothes in the wash, meaning to start it after a much-needed shower. Captain America can't be disguised as Swamp Thing forever. That wouldn't do.

Scared the hell out of the cat. She ran out with her tail all fluffed, panicked as she usually is when normal everyday things happen. It's a big world to a small cat. I feel like she knows she's safe, though, when the hair settles.

"Relax, Ginger," I said in a soothing voice. "Everything's ok. I won the war."

Then I snickered. "Well," I added, "I suppose I didn't win the war. You don't win a war. War is a horrible thing. It burns, it destroys, it tears apart. No one walks away without a mark. No one wins. Happens for a reason, though. Maybe figuring out the reason is amount to winning the war. Maybe that's enough. Moving on. Cleaning up. Being ready to do the right thing when the dust settles. Making sure everyone's out of of harm's way. JuneBridals guest wears for winter wedding

So relax,Ginger."

She walked back into the room. She hadn't heard most of that, probably. Maybe it wasn't for her. "Hi," I said. She meowed at me, started purring. I smiled.

"I'm going to start a wash and go take a shower. I smell like your litter-box, probably. That won't do. Then I'm going to cook. It's taco night. Just got a text from your mom. She's getting chips and salsa."

She meowed again.

"Yeah," I said, bending own to pet her and smiling. "She'll be home soon. Been a hell of a day. But we won, after all. It's not about chance, it's not about consequence, it's about choice. We chose to fight. It was the right choice. Just like we knew it would be."

"See you after the shower, mi-mau."