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Male and Female

Much has been written in the last few months on the issue of transgenderism particularly relating to Bruce Jenner the gold medalist winner of the decathlon in the Olympics of 1976. He has appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair and has been gushingly hailed as a hero by many. He now goes by the name 'Caitlyn' I will not go into detail here about the physical transformations that are required when people elect to try to change their gender except to say that not only does it require human medical intervention for the physical transformation but a continuing hormonal intervention for life. You will note that I continue to refer to him as 'he' because however much you attempt to erase your gender you can never change fundamentally who you are. You might change the external appearance but the internal remains. This is no return to normality for these people it is an attempt to rub out a significant aspect of their identity and create a new one. Without the technical and medical knowledge this would never happen. Just 'because we can' seems to translate to 'let's give it a go'. JuneBridals magenta color apparel for bridesmaid

Something similar occurred in the UK when the boxing promoter and manager Frank Maloney, who led Lennox Lewis to become the heavy weight boxing champion of the world, had a sex change operation and is now living as a woman named Kellie. I have also been aware of the family of a child called Alice in the UK whose natural mother was in a lesbian relationship when she was conceived through the artificial insertion of sperm from a donor who himself was living in a homosexual relationship with another man. I've not finished yet so keep up..... The lesbian partner of the child's natural mother (who herself was diagnosed with schizophrenia) who is now separated from the natural mother now identifies as a man and is seeking contact with the child through the courts as her father. To cap it all the child now seems to want to identify herself as a boy. How is that for a horrific mix of damaged people! How crazy will this world get before Jesus returns?

In the beginning God made us male and female, period! (Genesis 1:27) "So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them." This is a normal condition generated by Gods special creation through Jesus that the only genders attributed to people are 'male' and 'female'. Jesus reaffirms this himself when he articulates his understanding about marriage, which I might add is only between a man and a woman and there is absolutely no biblical authorisation for homosexual marriage. Immediately after the outlining the two complimentary genders in the Genesis account we read of the sexual complimentarity of the both in which they were to be "fruitful and multiply", which only possible through the male and female genders coming together in sexual union (which the bible says is to happen in the context of marriage between a man and a woman). It is the normal and natural order in creation.

Invariably such latter day decisions have their roots in emotional and spiritual damage that may go back generations in some cases but are spawned by sin, either someone else's for which an individual becomes a victim or through their own sin, for which they are directly accountable. Accountability for sin is also lost amidst an abandonment of the biblical authority. It is said in law that "ignorance of the law is no defence" and the same holds true with regards to the spiritual laws. There are consequences for breaching the laws laid down by the one who made all things and to ignore that is foolishness.

If the Word of God is undermined, and this has been a demonic strategy since the so called 'age of enlightenment' (which is a value loaded title itself - I prefer to called it endarkenment), it becomes possible to make the kind of social, moral and ethical changes we are seeing today. Once we remove the absolutes of the biblical teaching, not least on this issue of gender and sexuality, the restraints are removed and anything is possible. There is no reason why we can't change genders if we are able, technologically and medically given the new licence generated by the rejection of Gods Word. Indeed there are individuals who have male genitalia and female breasts. Are they women or men? Had this medical intervention created a new gender? There is no logical reason why we cannot permit authorising the practice of paedephillia by reducing the age of consent for engaging in sexual activity and redefining paedephillia as a sexual orientation, if we have erased the absolutes of scripture.

We are living in an age when a 'Pandora's box' of socio-sexual innovation has been opened, releasing licentiousness upon the world in a way we have never before experienced and the contents can no longer be put back. It is a slippery slope toward a confusing melee of choices for our young people in particular and already those 'evangelists' for this new world order of sexuality the 'Gaystapo' are finding ways of invading institutions of education and media outlets that influence their tender lives with values and mores that reject the Word of God.

If we trust the Word of God as being authoritative we are to be those who stand against this 'hellish' flood tide of immorality!