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I can say with certainty that the world today as we live it, is all men's fault. For centuries there were rules and regulations placed to keep Armageddon from happening. We may not have like the rules and thought them a bit chauvinist. But they did keep the statistics that over run us now.. Keep believing there are no gender rules and by laws. Continue to preach sexual freedoms. There was a reason in every major town there was a whore house. Or why slave masters keep a bed wench.. the physical pleasures have out weighed the emotional or mental. We men cheat more and abandon our families. Is a weekend or holiday good enough in raising children? Especially a boy child. Mom's did an excellent job raising him to be a good student and hard worker. But he's indecisive and emotionally awkward. He clings to his mother for everything.. still putting her down as an emergency contact. Asking mama what shall he do in times of love squabbles. Overtly angry displays heavy depression or loss of self confidence. Why, because Daddy isn't there.. sons living lies of being mama's number one man.. But mama sneaking Doug into her bedroom at night. Yeah buddy we got em.. two decades of a misogynistic culture. We finally got these women they way we want. Bout dat lyfe.. and Ni99az are miserable.. they having more sex but choosing not to.. they got that freak they always wanted, but choose to marry the conservatives.. we love are children but regret their conception. Women are dealing with men who don't speak their minds. Are very emotional and find everything offensive. Men who wont show and prove unless pushed.. Men who excell in physical natures of sexual relationship, but fail in mental. When been raising young men so long by themselves they actually think they know better than a men what makes a real man. And the can compete on the same levels of men sexual. But don't comprehend the laws of biology. Men are sexual deviants because we don't get pregnant. It's a choice by the man to stay.. Women who've made that choice to terminate pregnancy never live it down. Women are nurtures. So the what ifs, will always haunt them.... arranged marriages virginity 3month rule are all in place to prevent that sexual beast from coming out majority of women. There's a reason why prostitution is the oldest form of work on earth. There's a reason women have a saying, the Quickest way to be over someone is to get under someone else.. Women hate hoes more than men. Because a woman who seeks to keep herself rightious with virtue feels attack by the freak the loose woman. Because that will always attract the man but never keep him. And now the virtuous rightiouscwoman has to make the decision of keeping that man or letting him go. Which the later will give a win to harlot. I forgot what I was gonna say JuneBridals wedding wears specially designed for maternity women