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Just to let you know: Monday, February 5, 2018. Well the Queen and I are back in small town USA in our cozy homes! We high tailed it out of the city when the waitress at Texas Longhorn said that the sleet was forecasted to start coming down around 4 PM. It was then 2:30! We thought surely we had time to make two more Goodwills before heading home and we did! Arnold and Festus! Passed Cape but did stop off in Sikeston at the Goodwill for the sleet had not caught up with us! Jenna the Queens daughter did contact us around 5:30 and said that there was sleet and it was freezinbg on her windshield. I am just not a bad weather traveler. I grew up at 704 West Grant in small town USA Dexter. 3 blocks from the High School. If the weather was good we walked! If the weather was bad we walked! Sometimes Dad would take mercy on us but not very often for you know our parents walked miles to school in sleet, snow and rain! Sorta like the motto of the postmen! Were you raised with that story? Even when married and needing to get to work in bad weather my Dad would come get me and take the kids to the babysitter and then me on to work. And then of course when I married My Buddy he definitely did not want me to practice my winter driving skills in one of his cars! So he took me everywhere! BUT my faithful friends the Queen and Miss Pat Crane would take me places also for they were teachers and if there was a snow day they were not about to stay home! They would slide into my drive way and pick up me and my kids and off we would go to Sikeston! Not only that but Miss Pat Crane liked to spin around in the snow and ice! Of course we were in our late twenties and early thirties at that time! As mature ladies now we are all three quite content to sit in our nice chairs and have a cup of tea! Although we have not been able to convert the Queen to tea...she is still on diet cokes!!! I was up and ready to go by 8:30 this morning! The Queen was not! She is slipping! We did make it to the Goodwill at the Valley before her doctor appointment though! Out of appointment at 12:15. Knew that we did not want to waste time waiting to get into restaurants so we hit Savers and a Goodwill! And another Ross Dress for Less!!! Then mapping out our stragedy for the rest of the afternoon and early evening we decided to eat at Texas Roadhouse on Lindberg. We love their pork chops! Would you believe that they were out of pork chops! I only anticipate one thing at any restaurant that I eat at. So we pondered the menu! Okay I will try their cowboy chili! THAT WAS A BIG mistake! So strong with chili powder! And this mature lady usually has a strong stomach! No ginger in my purse! We sure were looking foward to going to another Savers over on Clayton and a couple of more Goodwills. And then the waitress told us about the winter advisary for the city! Nix going back across the city! South we headed! I have to say that I had an excellent retail experience these past two days! Only one time have I ever bought clothing at a Goodwill. The Queen pulled out a neat blouse one day for me that cost only 50 cents. That was three years ago and it is still one of my favorite spring shirts! Today I found a brand new Chaps blouse at the Arnold Goodwill with tags still on and at the Sikeston Goodwill I bought a Chico top that will go great with my around house slacks. Both for $3.50 each! Arnold Goodwill had a whole rack of Talbot clothing but of course in size 10. Been almost 38 years since I have worn a size 10!!!! Pulling into the arches at Perryville for a refreshing beverage we bought 13 oatmeal rasin cookies. Almost as cheap as buying just three!!! Can't wait for the Queen to bring my purchases over tomorrow. It was too cold and dark to unload the car when we got home! Needing to do some computer work tonight I pull open the drawer for my little book of passwords! JuneBridals women evening gowns
Not there! Talk about someone's heart stopping! Did I not get back from Florida with it? No! No! No! I know that I did not leave it in the condo! I know Miss Elsie would have told me if it was left in the SUV!!! I pulled out my suitcase that still has my resort clothes stored in it!!! NOT there! I sat down! I tried to regain some calm! There is no way that I could remember even one password! What, what, what was I to do! So tonight I have cleaned out my catch all closet! I have cleaned out three drawers that hold most of my paperwork! I have cleaned out the file bench that sits by my computer! Frustrated I kick the file bench and it moves! And there peaks out my bright orange password book! Weak with relief I almost cried!!! The life of a mature woman in a tech world is always a life of anxiety!! So to my recliner I am going! With a cup of belly comfort tea and the rest of the oatmeal raisin cookies! Tomorrow is another day!