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This article I am attaching is actually what Christmas is all about. The ROOT of this date is not masked at all in some Eastern countries as the evil nature of Krampus coming to get kids who are naughty is in your face. Krampus aka Old Nick aka Santa Claus is actually the false god Wodin who is a blood thirsty vengeful pagan diety.

We have a Westernised watered down culture of feel good "Jesus is the reason for the season" evangelical attitude of using the profane (unholy world unifying Christmas "spirit") to bring people to the holy (the Son of YHWH). This does not please our Creator.

But he answered and said unto them, Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? MATTHEW 15:3

The Son here is using "the Commandment of God" as He quotes the 5th commandment to HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER. I am demonstrating how important it is to KNOW your covenant which is the Ten Commandments written on a born again believers heart.

This is WHY is is of utmost importance to be able to connect the dots that the New Covenant has restored the ORIGINAL PLAN at Mt Sinai (in a new and much better way) of which the people did not "hear YHWH's voice" (the original covenant offer on Moses' 1st trip up the mountain) but rather rejected His voice asking for Moses to speak to them instead (upon them shrinking back in fear and not going with Moses on his 3rd trip up the mountain, which was supposed to be their covenant making wedding day).

I have noticed many Christians have heard arguments against Christmas so they come up with their own unique way to try to validate a very unholy celebration full of complete lies --> especially that the Son of YHWH was NOT born on December 25.

Besides the following easily researchable facts:

CHRIST'S MASS is the "massacre of Christ" and linked to child sacrifice (why the season color is RED)

DECEMBER 25 is the day the SUN is REBORN in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere following the winter solstice on December 21. This is the pagan calendar "holiest" day of the year as it is SUNGOD WORSHIP (not Son of God worship)

CHRISTMAS TREES are male sex organ symbals with "balls" hanging on them as the WREATHS are the female sex organs. This is also FERTILITY GOD celebrations as this is the root of pagan idolatry.

THE VATICAN runs the entire world (a researchable fact) and has male and female sex organs in its very design and symbology. Christmas being rooted into Rome and Roman Catholicism is the Vatican's most glorious celebration full of pagan idolatry.

JESUS WAS NOT BORN ON DECEMBER 25 which makes it a worldwide LIE. If we claim we follow the Son and do not worship Him in Spirit and in Truth we violate "the commandment of God" in both the first and second commandments of our covenant by nullifying the "commandment of God" for the sake of our tradition. TRADITION is really what is at stake vs TRUTH.

THE GOLDEN CALF INCIDENT is not understood to have any significance with a theology disconnect to the Old Testament as was the PUNISHMENT that YHWH enacted on the first generation out of Egypt with the Golden calf. They mixed the worship they were used to (tradition) with their desire to worship YHWH. We are warned directly in 1 Corinthians 10 of this incident and not do as they did. Again, by seeing how the New Covenant has restored the original plan we can make a very significant blood covenant connection to this date.

For their false worship in profaning their newly formed blood covenant they were "blotted out of His book", which means "blotted out of their inheritance". We too can be "blotted out of the Lamb's book of life" which means to lose our inheritance (this concept does NOT mean a believer goes to hell or perishes).

Please deeply consider BY TRUTH ALONE and your study of scripture if your mixing the profane with the holy by a Christmas celebration that according to Hebrew 10:29 you are not:

1) Trampling on the blood of Messiah
2) Making unholy the blood of the covenant that sanctified you
3) Insulting the Spirit of Grace

This is severe ancient blood covenant language here. You are in a Holy (Set Apart) covenant agreement with the Son of YHWH. If this day is truly from Satan and masked as "Jesus' birth" just because you want to feel good isn't it worth considering if you are really doing it for yourself or for Him? After all, if you wouldn't dare ask your spouse to celebrate your anniversary on your ex-boyfriend/girlfriends day you met how much more celebrating a day disguised by Satan's and you asking your Creator if he would accept your worship? adorable prom wears designed for little girl

THIS IS BLOOD COVENANT brothers and sisters... not a religious game called Christianity.

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