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I would like a word of advice.
I offered to let a friend in need stay in my home with her cat and dog until she could get on her feet.
Then it evolved into ME driving alone to Milwaukee ( in the winter?!) and helping clean dog and human waste out of the carpet so she could get her $900 deposit back. AND help pack and load her belongings. I'm 70 in 2 more months. I can't do that again! She is way younger than me. And has family there to help her. It exhausts me just to think about it. beautiful long dresses
She said it would be after Christmas as she wanted to spend it with her family. I thought yay! Because I love being home over Christmas time. So many beautiful activities going on with church and friends.
Then she calls and wants to send me gas money to come asap! And stay until AFTER Christmas! She "Cleared it with her family" but not with me!
All I could say is "Let me pray about it."
I know a lot of my family and friends are praying people. I have all but withdrawn my offer but please help me pray. Thank you!