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When the spring has not come on time, did not find blooms in the garden, the bees decided to break into a large factory for perfume, and at once the workers fled scared. In the factory the bees took off the covers of the perfume bottles, emptied the whole stock until the streets of the city had streamed with the perfume, wrapped up by the clouds of the aroma and caught a cold, the garden walls stretched out the necks as the spring was lazily starching its neck, begging the small wings that are washing up with the perfume bohemian evening dresses
Benghazi / 11.08.2009


In front of large door of clothes store he was standing up Looking attentively at her, that after fifty years he could be able to achieve his two costly dreams; to see the light and the woman, the terrestrial seduction which the poets are singing about. It was the first step towards wheaten one imagined that she stretched out her hand to him, so he came close to her stretching a hand, a heart before to spit on her idolatrous stagnancy wished that if he were still a blind !

Benghazi / 11.08.2009
He wrote a poem to her, sent it to the newspaper then she sat down and started reading ( I am a sword of flame, your bosom my sheath )
(Did this fool love me ..!? )
The man of the religion has ask God the forgiveness as he cursing his words then loaded them the atrocities of the debauchery.
-( The text is free from sexual connotations ) Said one of the critics ( as it trying to extinguish desire of disclosing in an opened bosom of love ) And as the readers were crossing his text with .eyes completely closed he opened his eyes to his depths spring, saw it an autumnal face while a sword of flame burning his heart without quarter

Benghazi / 11.08.2009

On her only room window she painted spring and when the night is approached its flowers are withered the window has inclined and shed a sea of tears then slept under the window where its spring was weeping, withered the yellowness of the death. On the morning the window has witted on its nap perfumed drizzle, jumped as the spring was retrieving its freshness on its eyelids ..
Aleppo / 08.12.2009

The stranger stormed my room weeping , hugged me and spilled a river of tears on my chest , made me to sink and I'd cried with him for a long time and when our eyes have festered he sneaked from my arms and disappeared, however I'm still crying alone in search for his lap.!?
Ajdabiya / 16.08.2009

He presented each one of his colleagues of woman and girls in the company gown to put on for prayer in return for they call to Allah whenever go to perform their prayers to get him some help, however, each one of them was going away by her obsessions dreamed of a white dress which he perhaps bring for her one day!

Ajdabiya / 16.08.2009


When he wanted to be wise and sensible the wise ones are protested and when wished to be crazy the maniacs did so, he then exiled himself in a country where no wise ones nor maniacs !
Aleppo 11.08.2009


-( A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush )The unfair equation dose not convince him, looked at the small bird saw in its eyes a cage, tear and sea of begging, cupped a hand around its skinny body and increasingly began getting widen where he hear in him a bird fluttering, seeking for an air, sky and pile of haycock on branch of tree
Ajdabiya / 16.08.2009


An arm the branch extends, leave spreads out of it then flock of birds are alight on it and when it shakes the hunter wakes, the fire echoes, gray smoke goes up, the branch swings as broken arm then the birds panicky make off except one sending its last chirp as an open charge of the broken branch

Ajdabiya / 16

When war has decided to repent and to atone for its sins of killing millions .made of its repentance peaceful wedding in which the warring armies can embrace each other, however when they 're about to shake hands the fighting spirit woke up in them, and the memory of the blood as well so that the kiss are changed into bite, row and choking, conflict and in the theater of the wedding can be heard so enormous explosions boom
Aleppo 08.13.2009

A bracket is opened and a man of curved spinal cord forward is crossing ( His days are counted ) He said .Another bow is opened and a woman of curved spinal cord backwards is crossing and he added ( It's the signs of pregnancy) And as his idea was going to disappear between two brackets of gloomy dullness he carried on filling the white paper with dots between two big brackets that kneeling up and down of it such as two guard dogs!
Aleppo / 08.13.2009

True sun woke up early and called out the inhabitants of the earth but no one wake up so it has decided to swing between the east and west moved. Moving rapidly it was until its rays had scattered like the reflection of the rays on the mirrors and just then the universe is filled with blatant protest as its rays was emptying the eyes of heavy sleep

Benghazi / 11.08.2009


In his big hand the new golden watch is loitering, one hour up and two down, however and just to relieve himself has said that it is of little experience and as the time going on will learn the discipline but it did do so as he thought, and although it made him to delay of too important thousand dates he kept waiting to gain experience of the discipline
Benghazi 11.08.2009


-( Exactly like this ) Has said and tried the match stick on the coarsen black but did not ignite. Looked surprised ( or like this ) He Marched on the path of his predecessors, threw the match on the ground ( Some times the honor can be trampled like this