bridal gowns for wide shoulders

What do eating tons of fresh fruit, veggies, beans/lentils and good grains have in common? Improved health and happy people! Yesterday marked two weeks working with our first group of DIABETIC clients and every single one has had astonishing results. They have all reduced their morning blood sugars by at least 4 numbers. All of their A1Cs have come down significantly. 2 have had their doctors STOP their diabetes medications. 6 have already had them reduced. The other 2 will likely not require getting them now. 10/10 is amazing. Two weeks . Wow!!! I received an email from the doctor of one of these amazing people this morning. He would like me to call him and explain to him what we are doing. How amazing is that! I love to see how well this group is doing . I know how fabulous I feel being healthy and it's heartwarming to see them thrive; many of whom have been struggling for years. bridal gowns for wide shoulders # plantsarehealth