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"Most men have the potential to rape. Only 1% of men are trained not to be rapists" - Name withheld.

WOW! Just WOW!

When a lady makes a bold declaration like this, do not waste your time arguing. Do not even respond. If you prove further, You would instantly find that the 1% comprises of her dad, brothers, uncles and male cousins. bridal gowns with bows

Just stay out of her posts, her comments, and stay out of her life.

Okay, now I'm being too harsh.

Truth be told, on a deeper level, I'm worried about this. The comment may be retarded but there are a lot of rape stories, it wouldn't hurt to be cautious. Being cautious is essential to self preservation.

Still, being cautious is one thing.....making a comment such as my opening line is another.

...but you could never tell what a person has seen, experienced or seen in their immediate environment.

So I'll just say a prayer for her in my heart and hope she meets more properly trained men.