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! My mom was diagnosed with Non Alcoholic Sclerosis of the Liver (NASH). She started going to the transplant center at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN last year. They told her that she had to have all her teeth taken out because they were breaking and causing infections. They did this because her NASH gave her Gastroparesis and she threw up so much that it made her teeth the consistency of chalk. This is the pictures when she had her teeth removed.
After that, the doctors wanted her to get implants but the insurance would only cover dentures. Because her mouth is so small she can't wear her dentures without pain so she can't eat much anymore. She has lost a lot of weight.
After all that and many trips to Nashville from our home in Covington,TN, Mom developed Pulmonary Hypertension caused by her liver disease. When her transplant doctor found this out he told her that he would no longer see her as a patient. That she was no longer eligible for a liver even though we had been told that a new liver would reverse the Hypertension. He sent her home on hospice care and gave her maybe a year to live.
We were devastated. I am very close to my mom and it has been the most horrible experience since she got sick. Watching the person you care about most die is the hardest thing a person can do. She gave up for a while after that. She wouldn't take her medicine or take care of herself. She didn't see the point.
Finally, one of our relatives got in touch with her doctor in Atlanta who works closely with the transplant team there. The doctor said that mom should come down and let him see her. Our relatives Nancy and Sally convinced mom to go to Atlanta, Georgia to see this heart doctor.
They took my mom and I into their homes and took us to see this doctor. He told us that he didn't see any reason she shouldn't get a liver. He refered mom to the liver transplant doctor at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. They did a ton of tests and discovered that not only had her hypertension improved but her blood platelets, which had previously dropped down to 10, had gone up as well! We were ecstatic! They are now working on put her on the transplant list and seeing how high she is on it.
On December 11th and 12th she has to be in Atlanta to meet the transplant team at Emory. She could be there from anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. She could not miss any appointments because if she does it could jeopardize her chances of getting a liver. Although it is a blessing that we do not have to pay for hotels and such because of our wonderful relatives, traveling is really expensive. Between Nashville, Atlanta and all the years mom has been sick we are now 1000s of dollars in debt. We have used all of our savings and have sold everything we can get money for we can not pay all the medical bills so they have been sent to collections. We can not even take out a line of credit to get to the doctors. casual guest wears for summer wedding
We have go fund me account that we have set up to help raise money to get mom the the doctors. It would mean the world to us if anyone that reads this could donate to our cause. If you are unable to donate praisers are equally appreciated and needed. Mom`s birthday is December 7th and would love to have some good news to celebrate. Thank you for your time on reading this. Below is a list of all mom`s medical problems.
Sleep apnea
Sesior disorder
Type 2 Diabetics
Low platelets
Enlarge Spleen
Right Sided heart failure
Bladder stimulator for nerve damage
Stomach pacemaker for nerve damage
Stiletto Hepatitis
Chronic pain
Non-Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver
Pulmonary hypertension

Here is a link to our GoFundMe account:

You can contact me at (901) 825-8469 or by email [email protected]
Please help my mom. I am not ready to live without her. She is the best mom anyone could ever have. She has taken care of me and my friends who needed help. She has given her everything to make me happy growing up. My mom needs a second chance. So please share her story, ask questions, donate, and pray as hard as you can.

A special thankyou to everyone who has helped us so far. To Claire and Marcy for taking us in. To Jim and Sally for getting us to Atlanta. To everyone who has donated their time and money to helping us. To everyone who has prayed for us. To all the doctors working hard to take care of my mom. Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts.