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the cause of the tummy was unprofessionally wrapped by other
But when 3rd baby was solved by Nit. After breast feeding period is over the tummy will go flat.

Has Taken a Post natal PREMIER package,
Herbal steam,B.wrap with Thai hot oil, herbal steam,Fresh herbal scrub,eye steam(to remove dirt in the eye,Helps to avoid blockage , slightness ),Knock the head with fresh herbs (to reduce migraine ,lost hair,etc)Hip stepping,Bamboo massage Shaping,Bamboo massage slimming, when you are under pregnancy your body would likely to collect more dead skin, that cause your face to be exhausted, if you never remove it by herbs. When you get old you would mostly receive rashes, spots,pigmentation. It is important to do it 4 time in 20 days treatment. Hot blanket,(After scrub put hormones, to make your body more firm. cheap prom dresses under 100