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# AdoptaFamily 2017, the finale. *drumroll please*

2 families in Chicago, ages 7 to 58. (A woman with cancer, caring for her sister and 7 year old nephew, and a woman with a heart condition, along with her husband, and a 7 and 8 year old).

4 kids in Houston (from 2 families), ages 2 to 5, affected by Hurricane Harvey.

11 people total.

I figured this year there were plenty of disasters (natural, and manmade) that people were donating to, so I kept my expectations low. As usual, they were exceeded. 40 people donated $2,769.

Here's what I bought with it:

34 shirts
18 pairs of pants
5 pairs of shorts
7 dresses
2 pairs of shoes
5 pair of boots
23 pairs of underwear
15 pairs of socks
5 pajama sets
4 sets of thermal underwear
4 hoodies
3 jackets
3 fleece panchos
2 swimsuits
8 hat/glove/scarf sets
2 sets of bath towels
3 sets of sheets (twin, full, queen)
2 comforter sets (king, queen)
2 pillows
4 throw blankets (1 Spiderman, 2 sherpa lined, 1 plush)
11 sticks of deodorant
7 bottles of body wash
7 tubes of toothpaste
15 toothbrushes (7 character branded)
9 bottles of lotion
4 bottles of hand soap
2 spa sets (lotion/salts/scrub)
3 bottles of perfume
Eczema skin/bath products
6 facemasks
2 sets of bath fingerpaints
Nail polish
4 mani/pedi kits
Hair accessories
3 purses
4 pairs of earrings
2 remote control cars (+ batteries)
3 wrestling action figures
2 Monster High dolls
2 baby dolls
1 castle dollhouse
1 Frozen bike & bike helmet (thanks, Erin !)
2 kick scooters
5 toy tractors
2 buckets of plastic dinosaurs
2 bouncy balls
4 magna doodle/activity sets
1 kitchen dishes playset
1 magic kit
1 jewelry making kit
1 emoji pillow kit (requested)
4 family games (jenga & UNO)
4 DVDs (10 movies total)
22 books
1 Amazon Kindle Fire + case + $15 giftcard
10+ bottles of cleaning supplies (windex, dawn, 409, lysol, also paper towels, swiffers, etc)
1 art set (markers, crayons, pencils, etc)
1 digital watch
1 White Sox travel cup
12 cookie/cake mixes
5 boxes of hot chocolate
2 boxed sets of tea
2 mugs
2 sets of Christmas potholders
7 stockings (for the kids)
Various stocking stuffers (glowsticks, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc)
$150 in Walmart giftcards
$100 in Walgreens giftcards
$100 in Aldi giftcards
$50 in Lou Malnati's giftcards
9 plastic storage bins (to pack it all)

I shipped a lot of stuff to my parents in Texas, and spent a weekend there last month, buying and wrapping for the Houston families. This past weekend, after attending a cousin's wedding, I did my Houston delivery. Today I will drop off the gifts for the Chicago families at Rush Medical Center (the program is through their community affairs office).

This is my favorite activity of the year, every year, and it is everybody who donates that makes it possible. Give yourself a hand! From buying for one kid with $47 back in 2012, to buying for multiple families, in multiple cities with almost $3K in 2017! Snowball effect is real. Giving is a million times better than receiving for me. Here's hoping I can ride the high for awhile. cheap vintage wedding dresses

I'm accepting donations for next year, if you feel so inclined. Without fail, someone always donates late, so I put in on the ledger for the next time around. ($200 from this year was from last year)