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The dream realm is a little known arena of spiritual warfare. Just as GOD works through dreams, Satan also counterfeits this method. GOD speaks to us in the still small voice. And after the earthquake a fire; but THE LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice (1 Kings 19:12)

Sleep is a war front of demonic manipulation and attacks. It is a well known fact that no psychic and witchcraft power can dominate anyone that is not physically asleep except the person is living in sin. There are three categories of people: possessed, oppressed or ignorant of the witchcraft attacks. attacks in dreams include witchcraft initiation curses, sells, arrows and fiery darts. Interpretation of dreams comes from research, experience and testimonies. Demonic prosecution may involve death or financial adversity. If you feel that you have been demonically attached in dreams, enter into spiritual
warfare and counter attack. GOD may wake you up to do spiritual warfare against incoming attacks of the enemy. Work out you salvation with fear and trembling. And from the days of John The Baptist until now the kingdom of Heaven suffereth
violence, and the violent take it by force (Matt. 11:12).

A person in the dark sciences can do soul travel into the victim's presence and put a fragment of their spirit into the victim's spirit. the purpose of the witch is to control the victim and force that person to do what they command. There would have to be an open door in the victim's spiritual armor for this to happen. It can be dealt with by cutting the silver cord which causes the witch to die I DO NOT ADVISE THIS ROUT, GIVE THE WITCH TIME AND A CHANCE TO REPENT. or by forcing the witch to remove the fragment of their spirit from the victim's spirit.

He could sneak into people's houses in the form of insects. He used what the family said to curse and harm them at a gathering of wizards and sorcerers.

It is an evil power located in the human blood (Lev. 17:11). His soul and spirit can travel. Sorcery power is ingrained in the inner man (soul) which is the center of human personality: mind and emotions. Sorcerers have a principle: never to expose works of sorcery to other people who are not sorcerers. There is an intricate chain-structure government of sorcerers and sorcery telephones the world over. Satan's kingdom is not divided against itself (Mark 3:26).

Women have the highest authority. Some of the women have a third eye located on the chest, forehead or at the back of the head according to their authority. Some have three or four breasts. Men and children help the women. A sorcerer and a spirit can have a baby.

Every country in the world has sorcerers and sorcery is well organized. The work they are able to do is amazing. Sorcery grenades bring problems to people in the actual world even causing them to die. If you are having demonic dreams, it may show the lukewarmness of your Christianity and attacks from forces of darkness.

They start at 5:30 p.m. to trap sinners and Christians who live in sin. They are Satan's agents on duty and are spying the earth for victims. Sorcerers can have intercourse with someone other than their mate. Colleges are located under water or in the atmospheric spiritual world.

Spiritual forces of darkness are manifested more than ever before as the final onslaught of Satan against The Church. Satan teaches those to be conscious of their spiritual bodies, talk freely with demons, leave their physical bodies, go to places and do supernatural things.

A witchdoctor can use legions of spirits. Christians should not do traditional practices and rituals of slaughter of animals to appease ancestors. They use hair to control intelligence, wisdom and the mind. Cutting to draw blood symbolizes life sacrifice and offering their life to evil spirits. The person may have dreams and visions of being harassed by wicked forces. The witchdoctor enslaves his clients and their lives may be shortened. Persons who are not in CHRIST are open to sorcery and witches to read. Some pastors and local representatives in many established churches have acquired authoritative voices to subdue their congregations which may be satanic powers. Worldly music will draw deceptive spirits. Many musicians are using satanic power to have success and may have sex with wizards. He could see people walking underneath the ground; he had reached a high degree of magic power. Satan's government is organized. Magic items are sold in magic houses. cocktail dresses for mature women

People worship trees, rocks, rivers, etc. Africa is a continent of many gods: Paganism, Mohammedan and Christianity with spirits, magic and witchcraft. Carved masks represent demon gods. Drums form a bridge to the supernatural. amulets and charms are used by idol worshipers, witches, wizards, medicine men and witchdoctors. He could read people's minds and palms. look into them, astral project and change into animals.
Powers were used to cause accidents, strife and wars between nations, death, sickness, discouragement and break up marriages.

Voodoo (Vodun) meaning god, spirit or sacred object primarily is
the worship of ancestors and a hierarchy of gods (Loa). Zombies (the living dead) are created. Young witches and wizards can fly at night. A child could have snakes in his stomach for killing. Witches' pots and boxes have sorcery, magical things, fetishes, charms, cross, powder and holy water. Sudden death occurs from sheer terror.

1. Definition: Soul travel is where the soul and spirit leave the body, and travel around the world in a spirit body. The spirit body is capable of have sex with a human body.
2. Missionaries From Zambia: Two wizards did soul travel into the woman's bedroom and said to each other, "Isn't she cute?" Then they had sex with her. When she went to the
bathroom, her vagina was wet and yellow matte came out of it.
3. Spiritual Daughter From Witchcraft Attack: A witch or wizard can leave the body and do soul travel. They can put a fragment of their spirit into another person's spirit to control them. This is a fragment of a human spirit, not a demon spirit. The fragment will answer to the name of the witch or wizard.
4. Sex With Demons: The spirit of incubus has sex with women. The spirit of succubus has sex with men.
5. Types Of Sex: You can have sex with men, women or animals. You can have sex with fallen angels or demons, and may form spirit marriages. You can have sex with humans doing soul travel. These types of sex form soul ties.