cocktail wears in navy blue

My first orgonite. I used some quartz pebbles, wire wool, mixed herbs and copper wire cast in clear resin with added colour from a red biro. The points set in the top of the orgonite came out misaligned. One of the points came out way out of alignment but as the resin has set the points have aligned. I wish I got a photo when I took it out of the mould. I'm interested to see if turemeric could be mixed into this to alter it's colour and fluorescence but I don't know how it wo ... uld go so I will experiment with turmeric.

The Quartz points are from china sold as natural but I can see fine cut marks on the points. You have to look very closely in the right light to see very faint cut marks so I'm identifying these as cut synthetic hydrothermal quartz points all cut to shape from bigger pieces. Synthetic hydrothermal quartz doesn't have impurities unless they add other minerals to the mix they're the highest purity you can get. They have more uniformity. The purity and uniformity means they have a stronger piezoelectric effect but they don't have the individuality of natural quartz. When making orgonite other minerals etc can be added to the orgonite to make the piece more individual. cocktail wears in navy blue

I could sell the odd one of these. I won't use the same quartz pebbles I put in this orgonite I will source some decent quartz pebbles for use in them though. Since a lot of the crystals sold as natural are actually synthetic I'm just gonna source synthetic ones and say they're synthetic. I would also add natural tumblestones to the mix would have to source and identify them legitimately. All above board just sell the occasional piece for the odd pack of vitamins selling as a hobby well within the kinds of allowable limits. If ur lucky you might get to make ashtrays in the psych hospital. Making the odd bit of orgonite is therapy. Art / craft therapy.

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