disney wedding dresses 2019

This is me with the radiantly beautiful bride of @proftox_thedj
At their second wedding. First one was the day before in a white dress and suits. # bride # africanqueen # bokke # blitzbokke

Really, the most amazing way to be welcomed back to South Africa... With the marriage of one of my longest and best friends, to his best friend (ew), and a first time experience for me - so similar and so different to the Jewish, Indian and white Christian weddings I've attended. Not least because of the weather. disney wedding dresses 2019 # wedding # streetbash

The couple did a dance in a heavy downpour in the street while some friends held umbrellas over their heads. # singingintherain # sacrifice

At one point, we were standing in the street and there was a roar off a tin roof down the street. Seconds later we were running scattering into people's cars by a terrifying hail and thunder storm. # thunderstruck # acdc

Nothing like a little trauma to bring you close to strangers - I came to the wedding Saturday knowing only Nthato and his family, but now I feel I've made a bunch of new friends. Let's hang again soon. # newfriends # wearefriends

I'm wrecked from all the party and a taste of jetlag...

Nthato, recover quickly my friend. Congratulations and all the best for the two of you in all your endeavors.

Much love