dresses for older brides

Sometime last week, it was on the news you can pay a certain place in Philly to clone your dog, & they had over 3400 customers or sum'n. dresses for older brides

I remember back in '03 (or somewhere round that time) the news had posted a video of the "first ever" cloned animal (it was a sheep)
Couldn't have been the first. Idk how many failed but

People never satisfied with what God gives you

Always tryna play god
Or regret being ungrateful for something after it's gone (or someone)

Like we can't jus boss tf up & learn first time around

As humans

Why we gotta wait til we lose a pet before we love it's flaws?

Why we gotta wait until we old in age before we aren't physically abusive

Why we gotta wait until our spouse leave us for good before we realize they better than anyone else we fw?

Why we gotta lose a limb before praising God for our body?

Watch they finally reveal the "first " cloned human

Having one ain't enough for some people ig

God tells me in my religion (Islam)

" If a man (or woman) seeks wealth, the size of a mountain, they would want two mountains."

& We see it today with celebrities and regular people

It's jus sad.

My advice

Do what my Uncle Frank once told me when I was seven "learn to love everything you got, before you don't got nothing"

Y'all Kno the song from j Cole
Love yours