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Changing a car tag

Should be easy, only two screws and a little bending over. The first came loose with a little effort. The second bolt was rusted and nearly 13 inches long it seemed but I fought, grunted, sweated and finally did what I should have done to begin with. I called my wife to help. There are now 87 wrenches and tools strewn on the driveway, Vickie is under the bumper holding tight while I ply my 300 pounds of pressure on the stubborn bolt. She had removed the heavy trailer hitch so I could get closer and quit hitting my $18,000 knee.
So, I pick up the trailer hitch to move it out of my way. Note to self; do not pick up heavy hitch with the pin that sticks through. Why? I dropped it on my wife's stomach. The next phrases were not Baptist and a piercing scream of intense pain followed. Note to self; scan the horizon for escape route. After repenting in tears and W. D.-40, our task resumed. Finally, an industrial size set of bolt cutters was used and after tag team crushing, the bolt head was decapitated. The new tag for the truck was joined to its soul mate and they were legally wed. The new screws were smaller, well oiled and galvanized. I symbolically kissed each one and continued apologizing to my wounded wife. Of course, I am cooking and doing dishes in penance for my crime but willingly I confess. She is already in bed and I am recalling the event with amusement and dread. Yes, I married Superwoman. formal dresses for women over 50
Br. Larry