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Why are these cavemen in the United Kingdom? Why do they not go and live in one of the many failed states where their caveman laws are accepted?

Is it acceptable for these men in dresses to preach their hatred in a civilised country? Is it acceptable for them to publicly state that they will NEVER integrate into the UK society, but yet they still make their demands on OUR country?

Is it acceptable for them to demand that their barbaric, prehistoric, radical, extremist laws become the law of OUR COUNTRY? Laws which would see gay people stoned to death in the street for being gay, women who decide to have an affair with a man who is not their husband to be stoned to death in the street, women who are raped because they might be wearing a skirt also stoned to death in the street ? gold sequin prom wear with bling

Their ridiculous laws would ban cigarettes, alcohol, watching football on TV, gambling, and many many other every day things which are part of a 21st century world.

Why are our politicians so petrified of upsetting these cavemen?

What do you think would happen if I went to let's say, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan.............. the list goes on, AND on AND on, and demanded that the law of the UK was adopted in their country, and that every single person in that country should stop worshipping whichever god they believe in, and followed the one I TOLD THEM TO?

And before anyone calls me a racist, watch the video then tell me who are the racists.

Get rid of them back to whichever hole they crawled out of.