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Let's talk. Ralph Nader is a hero of mine. I will not indulge in the "blame Nader for Bush" game. Since 1992: the Democratic party has become, in many ways, Republican light. Corporate money, isn't half the DNC made of lobbyists and corporate players, running away from environmental and labor issues and doing the "so-called move to the center."

What is the center? How, in 2017: can ANYONE deny that we need universal health care, the breakup of banks, end Citizens United, increase wages for workers and declare "war" on global warming? On these issues: there is right and wrong. No center. This isn't a discussion about what time we will meet for dinner: this is a discussion of how we view America.

Think about this. The once reasoned GOP has thrown "liberals" overboard and the draconian vision of more corporate power, fewer regulations, banks cheating common people and shredding environmental laws is unfolding before our eyes. NOW. They haven't moved to the left or right: they are insane and giddy with power. Many, are out of touch, very rich, white men who see corporations ruling the nation. I protest.

And if you want to bash Nader: at least lay out several things you have done as good as him? When did protecting children, the natural world and giving people health care become extreme? I detest this bullshit.

From the article: ""Nader was more than just the spoiler in 2000. He was also likely responsible for placing Democrats on a long-term trajectory of moving back to the social-democratic space the party occupied during and after the New Deal, a position that helped mid-century Democrats eliminate political threats from far-left parties. Today's Democratic Party platform is eerily and unmistakably similar to Nader's set of signature issues, and credit must be given where credit is due. latest chic prom wears with lace

Ralph Nader might have saved the Democratic Party It's time to reassess the 2000 spoiler's place in