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Here I come again with a post on Shani (Saturn).

As you may know now, Shani is a graha (planet) in which I have a deep interest.


The Tall, dark, thin seventh pundit, whose dress and manner betokened his traditionalist conservative nature, was the very portrait of disciplined authoritativeness. For instance, native having Shani in 7th house will have in a way a spouse with this type of nature, but please other things are to be considered also!!

He speaks with his eyes slightly close, a shadow of harshness in his voice. It is believed that his words would reverberate across the palace's marble like the caw of a distant crow skips along the surface of a glacier.

Shani is the terrifier among the grahas. All being fear him for his rules and misfortunes. If you please Shani, then he will give you the kingdom, in astrology Shani rules the 10th and 11th bhavas (houses). These 2 bhavas are very important, 10th is related to career and 11th is gains. Then how can you not work harder to please this wonderful graha?! long black evening dresses ?

But on the other hand if you irritate Shani, he will snatch everything away from you in an instant.

His grace would make you be overwhelmed whereas his wrath ruins that native feels depressed and surrounded by darkness.

Shani determines longevity and death, being the Lord of Time and who is the brother of Yama..

One thing is that, it is said even King Indra and all the Gods would panic in the presence of Shani Dev, for over the ages many Indras has been taken away by the power of Time.

Lord Shani is tall, black, long limbed, emaciated, with reddish-brown eyes, large teeth and nails, prominent veins,a sunken stomach, a long beard, matted locks, and a course stiff body hair.***

He is lame and his limbs are rigid: his constitution is Vata. He is a Shudra, some call him out caste. By trade he is oil-presser, who worships Kal Bhairava (the Great Black Terrifier). His metal is iron, and his gemstone is blue sapphire.

Lord of the nerves, of the west, of Saturday, and the Constellations of Capricorn and Aquarius, very well known for his slowness, Son of Shadow, the black, the Endless, the Steady etc.

Shani is the Son of the Sun and his wife's shadow Chaya.

To please Shani :

? Offer black sesame seeds, sesame oil and sugar on Saturdays to an iron image of that graha.

? Donation of black sesame and iron to needy on Saturdays

? Don't forget grahas are grahas, but God is God, so praise to Lord Hanuman gives strength and courage

*** Now please don't jump into conclusions by thinking your spouse would be ugly ?

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