long floor-length prom items latest style

Holiday Weight holding you down?

Edit: Recipe and Results

Combine Oils in a 4 oz spray bottle and top off with Fractionated coconut oil

Spray your targeted area (tummy, love handles, thighs, gluteus maximum;), wrap area with muslin or gauze and wrap cloth with plastic wrap. Wear 1-2 hours or overnight. Neil and I chose the overnight option. long floor-length prom items latest style

40 Drops of Slim and Sassy
15 Drops of Eucalyptus
15 Drops of wintergreen
10 Drops of peppermint
10 Drops of lavender
10 Drops of grapefruit
5 Drops of cypress

Conclusion: Neil was the control (no oils all else the same) He lost 3% in inches and I lost 6.5%...definitely a win for fitting into a special out fit or dress! (WEDDING, Prom, Anniversary)