maternity and pregnant wedding dresses

Mom's!! Answer the questions about your FIRST BORN

1. Epidural? Yes after about 20 hours of hard labor
2. Father in the room? No...he was with his girlfriend
3. Induced? Yes ...
4. Know the sex before hand? No
5. Morning sickness? Yes, the whole 9 mos, 24/7
6. Food cravings? Taco Villa combo burrito w green sauce, but that was a craving before I was pregnant. maternity and pregnant wedding dresses
7. Pounds gained? 22? I weighed 142 @ 9 months, but lost weight, gained weight...not positive on total
8. Sex of the baby? Girl
9. Place you gave Birth? Odessa Women's & Childrens
10. Hours in labor: 28 hard hard hours
11. Early, Late or on Due Date? 2 weeks late
12. Your baby's name? Ashlee Breann Brown
13. Age now? 26

*Come on Mamas! Let's hear your story! Copy and paste.

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