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There are some days that are harder than others. Some things that you just can't make sense of. A young man with his whole life ahead of him. A young man whose intelligence and ability to debate any subject (far above mine) is gone today. WHY? There are no answers. I hope the the young men and women who were at Alex's Celebration of Life realize that even though you are gone from CCA, that you are loved and my door is open anytime. I don't judge, don't care what you do or don't do, where you live, where you have been..... but I do care what happens to you. Please never feel like there is no option, you are always loved! Pick up the phone, text, send a FB message, don't hesitate! It was so great to see all of you, wish it were for a better reason but great none the less. Funny when I think about all of you, I always say "my kids", except you are not kids............. modest bridesmaid dresses with sleeves Tom James literally you are so grown up it took me a few seconds and I missed the chance to give you a hug. I have enjoyed watching your journey (I am a FB stalker) and what a great dad, fiance, son, and friend you have become! Anyway I thought you guys might like this picture and the FB comments that came with it. It made me smile through the tears. Ian Nemiccolo , Nick Peters Jesse Kelley Matt Johnson Tom James Shane Patrick Jess Lloyd Michelle Roy Josh Faber Brandie Tremblay I thought you might like this also. <3