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Happy Birthday

Sex changes come at a cost.
But they bring comfort to the souls who feel lost.

Dante was one of these souls.
He knew what he really was inside,
ever since he was eight years old.

His father was a respected preacher,
so those feelings he had to suppress.
He felt that it was a sin that he couldn't ever confess.
While other boys longed for action figures,
he longed for eggs.
So he spent hours in front of the mirror,
modelling his sister's Easter dress.

He grew up believing that love would never come his way.
That was until, he met Marcus,
a man who took his breath away.

Marcus accepted Dante and his secret,
and they later decided to wed.
For Dante's birthday, Marcus wanted to surprise him and grant him his wish, mormon prom dresses
but he didn't have any bread.
He saw that people were paying a lot of money for kidneys,
in an article he just read.

He understood the procedure was sketchy,
and the idea was wild.
But he would do anything,
absolutely anything to make Dante smile.

He asked for the money to be delivered to Dante with a birthday cake,
before the procedure started.
The surgery went bad,
and that afternoon Marcus became one of the dearly departed.

Later that night,
as Dante came home for his birthday date.
He didn't know yet,
of Marcus' tragic fate.
He didn't know yet,
that in a couple of days he would be attending his awake.

Dante just wondered...

Why was his husband late?
And why was there an envelope full of cash,
next to a beautiful birthday cake?