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I've been working on a very long thank you note to everyone involved in the 3rd Annual Hope-JG Golf Scramble on 9/15. Well...the truth is my hands have been acting up on me since last week. Lots of finger twitching and cramping. Unusual for me but that's life with ALS. Every day is a new adventure:)

Rather than try to list every person and their contributions, because I'm sure to miss someone, I'll say a general, heartfelt thank you to everyone in a few groupings:

- Thank ... you to our golfers and sponsors. Without you this event doesn't matter. Your generosity of time, money and attention during the presentations tell Maine and families with ALS that people care.

- Thank you to our planning team. You guys were generous with your time and talents - especially when it mattered most. We realize that making mid week meetings in the summer is a challenge but you did it and everything came together beautifully.

- Thank you to the Red.Shirt Staff of volunteers and team members You all came together like a well oiled machine on golf day. I can't explain what a thrill it was to roll in that morning to no mayhem and to see everything set up, organized and golfers lined up to register with no confusion.

- The photographers, and presentation team were incredible. Golfers, many of whom were strangers to each other, were helped to feel a part of something bigger because of your efforts. From the early morning team photos with the "Hope Stone", the pre-golf welcome and Anthem, to the award presentations and the heart warming talks about us, the foundation and our mission - particularly our new work with patients. Golfers finally left the event with a clear understanding of what were about. Thank you. mother of the bride wears in coral

- Special thanks to Eastpoint Christian Church for the generous use of a meeting room. There was a peaceful spirit in the room during all of our meetings:)

If I've missed a group or fail to tag someone to this post, please let me know. We just want everyone involved in the Hope-JG Golf Scramble on Sept. 15th, to know how much we appreciate your participation and hard work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope to see you all next year for an even bigger and better event.

God bless you all.

Big Love,

John and Linda Gregoire

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