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My friends, I don't want to hurt feelings, but I am responsible for a Message, and, that Message is, *"Come out of this mess!" And if I ask you to come out, where am I going to take you to? Would I take you to the Branham Tabernacle (to a certain church)? It's as much fault as any of the rest of them.*
*But there's one place I can take you to, where you're safe and protected from death, THAT'S IN JESUS CHRIST, GOD'S PLACE OF WORSHIP.* *That's the place I'm introducing to you, where GOD PUT HIS NAME.* Where He promised He would meet every person that come in there, He would worship with him and feast with him, that's in Christ; not in no church, no tabernacle.
*But, in Christ, He is God's Tabernacle (Heb. 10:5-9).* He is the place that God came into, Himself, and dwelt in Him. "This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am pleased to dwell in" (Matt. 17:5). There is where God tabernacled, brought His Name and placed It upon, Jesus Christ. Therefore, *His Name was put in a Man, His Son, Jesus Christ, in which He tabernacled Himself (II Cor. 5:19), and in that Tabernacle.*
Where, in a type, the old Jerusalem, the old feasts, the old temple, was a type; when the smoke come in, the day that the ark went in, of the covenant, and settled down, and the Voice of God was heard from it (Numbers 7:89; Exodus 25:22).
So did the Voice of God be heard, coming into the Tabernacle,Jesus Christ;
which, the Old (natural) was a type and a shadow of the New. And when He come into Christ, He said, "This is My Beloved Son, in Whom I'm pleased to
dwell in. *And I'll choose the place where I'll put My Name (Deut. 16:1-3), and where I will meet man, and where I will worship at."* God chose the place; not in no church denomination, but in Jesus Christ.
*See the two opposing spirits at work in this evil age?* Can you see it? *Each very religious, Cain and Abel, spirits again coming to their heads, still same as they started.*
*One, worshipping by beauty,and by knowledge, and by education, and by science, and by ethics (Mark 7:7-9).*
*As, She, the Bride of Christ, is part of the Groom, true to Him in every point, waiting the Wedding.*
*Uniting, not at the ecumenical council; but in the sky, at the Wedding Supper (I Thess 4:15-17)* This is for our own church. She has been given, and revealed to Her, the Seven-Seal mysteries of the Bible. See? *She sees the folly of the deceiver, so very close to the Truth, that almost deceive the Elected (Matt. 24:24).* She sees it.
It was Satan's ambition to be worshipped like God. He took two-thirds of
the stars of Heaven. Ascended hisself above those stars, and preached to them, and
deceived two-thirds of them. You see it? All right. Notice, that's his ambition.
[According to Revelation 12:4 the third part of the stars of Heaven was cast to the earth. Perhaps the Prophet thought about this Scripture.]
And now he is ready, with his careful selected, educated bride by his own knowledge, see, all painted up in his deceit, of big buildings and big
denominations, and paints of knowledge and theology, and smart and
intellectual, and educated, to deceive the whole world, and become a "god."
That's what he's done. All heading up into the person of the antichrist, which is already crowned "the vicar of God," by his worldly-loving, scientific bride, all dressed up in pomp of intellectual, religious education. She is made religious like
him, and by his own interpretation of the Word of God as he did Eve, and as his son Cain did.
Now you said, "Satan's son?"
*Show me one place in the Bible that Cain was ever called Adam's son.* The Bible said he was "the son of that evil one," serpent's seed (I John 3:10-12).
*No, the cover has been took off now, brother. The pyramid has been opened, as the revelation showed.*
Notice what he will do, his thoughts. He thought God dwelled in worldly
beauty. He did that in Heaven. Sin never began in the garden of Eden; it began in Heaven, when Lucifer, the son of the morning, exalted himself in beauty, and wanted a more beautiful kingdom than that of Michael. And he thought that God dwelt in beauty (Ezek. 28:11-17; Isaiah 14:12-15).
And notice Cain. He didn't want no blood sacrifice. He come down and
offered the fruit, or the fields of beauty upon his altar (Gen. 4:1-7). Very religious,done everything, just exactly like Abel done; offered a sacrifice, fell down before God in worship, obedient in every way, *but without the revelation of the Word.*
*And the Word was, from the beginning, God's plan. But God revealed, by revelation, the very thing that He vindicated and punctuated that that was right.*
*Not religion, not an altar, not belonging to church, not making a sacrifice, not being sincere; BUT BY THE REVELATION OF THE WORD OF GOD.* *God revealing to him that his mother did not take an apple that a snake gave her, but she had a sexual affair with the person of Satan, in the form of the beast; not a reptile, but the most smartest, subtlest of all the field, the image of man, the only thing that the seed would mix in.*
*Cain failed to have the revelation. And the revelation is the only thing, the revelation of the Word (Matt 16:13-20).*
*WHAT IS A REVELATION?* *Jesus said, "UPON THIS ROCK I'll BUILD MY CHURCH, and the gates of hell can't prevail against It." FAITH is a REVELATION; because Faith has been revealed to you (Heb. 11:1-31).*
*"Abel, by Faith, offered by revelation (Faith), offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than that of Cain" (Heb. 11:4).*
Cain thought they’ve eaten apples. They still got that idea, but it wasn't. *It was an adultery, serpent's seed.* And there when the *Seven Seals opened,* it declared it and proved it.
*If you've got Eternal Life, you were in God before there ever was a world.*
*You are a part, a son of God, an attribute of God. He knowed the very age you were coming.He predestinated you to that age, to take that place, and no one else can take it; care how many impersonations and things (Eph. 1:3-5).* You've got to be there, because He knew you would be there (II Tim. 1:8-10). Now you are
made manifest. Now you can fellowship with Him, and that's what He wants. *He's longing for fellowship, to be worshipped. But if your life did not always was as an attribute in God, you're just a mimic of Christianity.*
*See? There'll be millions and billions of them, they'll just be mimics of Christianity.*
Now, the preaching of the Word, we enjoy it, but that's not the main thing. That's not. We should not worship the Lord just after we get through preaching the Word, as we usually do, just worship Him. That's wonderful. *BUT WE SHOULD WORSHIP HIM EVERY HOUR OF OUR LIFE.* When we're at work,we should worship
Him. Every time the opportunity presents itself, worship the Lord by testifying of Him.
If you see, some of you ladies, see a woman in the wrong, worship the Lord by taking her and saying, "Sister, there's a better life than this."
You men at your work, when you hear a man using the Name of the Lord in vain, get a chance to one side and slip over, and take him by the hand, and say,
"You, there's a better life than this. You shouldn't use those words." And tell him in a meek, gentle way. All those things are a worship.
And when we see someone sick, and the doctor says there's no more can be done, we ought to worship the Lord by telling them, "There's a God of Heaven that answers prayer."
And I think our expressions, that we should constantly long to be in worship, anywhere to worship the Lord. When we come together to worship Him, worship Him at home, worship Him while we're driving our cars, wherever we are, worship the Lord. Just think, the Bible said, *"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."* *And then He said, "Praise ye the Lord." Even if you haven't got any breath, still praise the Lord.* "Everything that has breath praise the mother of the groom dresses for fall
Lord, and then praise ye the Lord." (Psalm 100).
Don't take some new thing. They're flying everywhere, and there'll be more than that come. But don't take these new things.
The Lord your God has declared to you what is Truth. *The Lord your God has vindicated what is Truth, by His Word and by His Spirit. "Not by power, not by might, but by My Spirit" (Zech. 4:6).* And, the Spirit, *"God seeks those who worship Him in the Spirit and Truth" (John 4:24). "Thy Word is Truth."*
And He has thoroughly vindicated that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and
forever (Heb. 13:8). *He has shown the evening Seeds to you. He has revealed It to you, in the Word. He has proven It to you, by His Spirit.*
*Many people have Spirit with no Truth; others have Truth with no Spirit.*
It's like a man that's got money in the bank, and doesn't know how to write a cheque . The other one knows how to write a cheque , and got no money in the bank.
*But when you get them together, then you got something when the Spirit of God gets into the Word. And when you get the Spirit of God on you, mixed with God's Word, something's going to happen.* ????

God bless you.


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