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Are experiencing one of the following infections:
1. Toilet infection
2. Bacterial vaginiosis
3. Trichomoniasis
4. Yeast infection caused by the microorganism called Candida albican. ...
This infection can be triggered by
-treatment of hormonal inbalance
- increase in oestrogen levels (during ovulation or pregnancy)
- poor personal hygiene
- poor eating habits and lifestyle (too much cakes and ice cream)
- diabetes or increase in sugar production.
You are experiencing the Signs and symptoms of yeast infection which includes,
- itching, soreness, pain during intercourse
- offensive odour caused by discharge.
Do well to note that 80% of infertility is caused by mistreated and under treated vaginal infection.
So I employ you to avoid self medication.
And also some ladies are fond of spraying perfume at the vagina area to combat the odor, they pour this and that around there. You make matter worse. plus if you dnt treat is appropriately on time you gonna affect your whole urinary tract system and complicate giving birth.
Before I can tell you what you need by inbox (for those who need help), let recommend natural treatment for you.
1. Cut down your sugar intake to reduce vaginal infection by inhibiting their growth bcos microorganisms grow well in "sugary" environments.
2. You can use garlic by cutting it up flat and rubbing the vaginal area.
3. The use of yoghurt also! Yes yoghurt. Good one.
I didn't go into much details on v.infections but if you have questions and need adequate treatment (with the use of supplements. bcos eating habits and indequate intake of nutrients can cause you harm), inbox me and let me work with you to help you have a good lifestyle you need and deserve. mother of the groom or bride wears in vintage style
Thank you.
I love my profession
Dr Biggi
don't feel ashamed to ask any form of questions .and the consultation and priscribtions are FREE..

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