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The mention of vagina is taboo to some religious people, so this post is not for you if you are among this category of people. You may not read any further. But if you care to keep your vagina healthy, please read on!
Okay...lets face it...a healthy vagina usually has some sort of smell *even if - to you - it may smell neutral, to another - it may have a certain smell. Now, here are certain pointers to take note of:
1. If your vagina smells musky, i ... t's probably as a result of sweating and physical stress - e.g. exercise. Take your bathe. The smell will go.
2. If it smells like bleach/ chlorine, it's probably because of the lubricant you use during sex; condom use can also cause this. No pee, nothing to worry about.
3. If it smells fishy, you probably got BV (bacteria vaginosis), if you got greenish discharge plus foul odor - it's probably trichomoniasis. See your doctor immediately.
4. If it smells like bread plus a discharge that looks like cottage cheese, you probably got yeast infection. See your doctor.
5. Everything you eat and drink has got effect on the taste and smell of your vagina. Generally, whatever has a strong smell makes it smell bad, if it smells sweet, you're up for a sweet smelling vagina. Pineapple, oranges and grapefruit - for instance - could make it taste nice while coffee, alcohol, onions and garlic could have you vagina smelling' awful...hmmm. not expensive wedding wears for summer
In addition to all these, always make sure not to wear too tight fitting undies or trousers, your vagina needs to breathe, a sweaty vagina is a bacteria hub.
Plus, always take yoghurt, it helps the build up of "good bacterium" (vagina's defense mechanism) down there...also, if you observe a strong smell that doesn't seem to go away within 2 days (despite increased fluid intake), see a doctor.
Lest I forget, ladies - you need not wear your panties to bed, you need that place smelling fresh at all times, always let it breathe sweeties...*winks*
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