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# 7th_Anniversary
Allow me to share a snippet of our journey and my many shortcomings. I wrote this last year on our sixth anniversary (I have done something different this year on my TL) But I feel this too can encourage someone.

# Awesome_Sweetie
On the eve of our wedding, I was in town waiting for my wedding suit to come back from Meru. Apparently it had decided on that very day it needed some Miraa to withstand the wedding jitters and thanks to a mixup at the tailor shop, my suit took flight to Meru. This girl, Damaris Maina , knew I might be suitless on the wedding day, she knew that I might pull a crazy move like coming to the wedding grounds dressed in a short, slippers, uncombed hair and an old vest worn inside out. Yet... she took the risk of marrying me. Happy anniversary awesome sweetie.

One day while courting, I took the keys to her house because we needed to arrange some items and I figured I would get to her house earlier than her. I was supposed to get their by around noon and she would be there by three. But as a characteristic Hanniel style, I dilly dallied, left town late and proceeded to idly stroll in the compound at 5:30PM.
IT HAD RAINED.... Pause for effect.
My girl had been out in the rain for two and a half hours and I hadn't even bothered to notify her I would be late.... Yet she still agreed continue dating me! Happy anniversary awesome sweetie.

Picture this, you are married, it's just the two of you against the world. You enjoy going to work together, riding the same bus or matatu. So one day you go to the stage, there are no vehicles, you waaaait. The bus comes, there's a Scrabble, you enter and take a seat, you don't preserve one for her, she's stopped from entering coz it's full. The bus leaves, with you and without her. You're comfortable and confident that she will understand...... And to imagine that she still stuck with me. Happy anniversary awesome sweetie.

Haki this girl, on the day I officially proposed to her, after she screamed, cried, ran away, and finally calmed down I had to put a ring on her. Can you imagine that I had bought a wrong size engagement ring.
It just didn't fit!
I hadn't done my homework properly!...

And she still said Yes! Happy anniversary awesome sweetie

You're recently married, you're out on honeymoon. You decide to visit the mall. But you are a Kikuyu miser and you don't want to spend 50 bob for a nduthi. So you make Your young bride walk for kilometres to the road...

(Atrocious!.... And I don't need to remind you what happens at honeymoon!)

on the way, you loose her very expensive and precious phone in a matatu, oh and the phone is switched off. You are angry that she's angry so you leave her on the honeymoon suite to go back to the road and wait for a matatu that you've no idea how it looks like. You come back hours to a lonely bride minus her phone... And she still agreed to continue honeymooning with me! Happy anniversary awesome sweetie.

I got married as a boy but you've moulded me into a man. You have made me a mature, more responsible and clear headed husband. You've made me see sense in many ways and things. If it wasn't for you, I would probably be going to church in a short, pink socks, coloured eyebrows, trimmed eyelashes, different shoes and other behaviours that are unbecoming of a husband. If it was not For you, the miser Okuyu in me would be living in a mabati shanty somewhere in the backyard of Kenya Polytechnic in the name of saving money. Happy anniversary awesome sweetie. pastel pink bridesmaid dresses

Six years sweetie, no regrets! I would still choose you to be my wife. I love you. Happy anniversary awesome sweetie.