plus size maternity formal dresses

How do you piss off an already angry socialist? Wall to wall media about a royal wedding that will cost us a fortune, so a family that we pay for, who accumulate more wealth by hiding it offshore, and get their homes refurbed at our expense, can have a right royal knees up!! In the meantime nothing in the media about todays announcement that the government are continuing the freeze on in work benefits, which will plunge more families into poverty; Universal credit roll out is leaving thousands of families with no income over Christmas; sick & disabled people are actually dying as a result of benefit & social care cuts; Food bank use is at an all time high, as is homelessness; People will be deciding whether to heat or eat this winter; Economists are saying living standards for working people are at a 60 year low with the lowest earners hit hardest... But hey! We have a spring wedding to look forward to! So lets all distract ourselves with months of speculation about what the dress will look like and wave our flags in celebration of a ridiculously lavish event that is a stark illustration of the massive wealth gap and class privilege in our society... Fuming!!... Do the decent thing Harry & Meg.. Elope! plus size maternity formal dresses