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Cannot believe how some grown adults behave, on Saturday 19th November my baby girl Jordyne Elizabeth was sat at a set of traffic lights waiting for the lights to change and as they did a big truck came up behind her and smacked straight into the back of her pushing her into the intersection. The driver was all apologetic at the time until realisation kicked in then he tried to wriggle his way out of paying for the damage he caused, tried for days to get his claim number through insurance but to no avail. He then informs me that he wants to not go through insurance which ok that is fine got him quotes to fix the car and two panel beaters wrote the car off, the driver at fault then said he would pay us out for the car and still to this day almost 14 days later still waiting for payment, he wont answer my messages or answer my calls he is a sub contractor for John Cootes Furniture so not sure I would like my furniture delivered by this guy as never know what state it would turn up in. prom dresses for tall girls
His name is Alaa AL WARRY lives in Busby and drives a truck with Rego AK 38 GW. I hope one day that his son or daughter don't have this happen to them and be out of pocket.
He is a disgrace to mankind to act in this manner when at fault in an accident.

I don't normally do things like this on social media but please share this so that as many people can stay away from this guy so they don't end up being off the road and out of pocket.