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Just looking for advice and some opinions. Last Friday I ended my period. It was completely normal/right on time. Sunday my husband and I did the dirty deed and he thinks he may have not been quick enough. Today I started bleeding again. I've done some google research and although it's not common it says you can get pregnant right after your period. Also states implation bleeding typically occurs 10 days after.. where as I am bleeding 6 days after. I know that's prom selections in black ... not a huge difference in days.

We have a 17 month old son together who is still kinda breast feeding. I feel he more or less does it for comfort than actual to get milk. Only does it for nap time and to go to bed. He has been nursing for alot less time as well.

Mainly my question is.. could my body be trying to balance it's self or does it more or less sound I could be pregnant? We are not trying tcc but we would welcome a new baby anyways. We planned on adding just not at this time.

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