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Season 2
Episode 10
When did Mrs Robinson and Sandra chat? That's a question which got David woozy. He gaze at a spot in the kitchen thinking critically while his mother turned her pot of soup absent minded.
"Mum, so why did you tell me to bring Sandra?" David broke the silence.
"You ask too much question. Please go call her to join me in the kitchen" the mother replied.
"Mum, you mean..."
"David!" Mrs Robinson looked at her son steadily as if to say he disturbs a lot.
"Alright" David walked out. He met Sandra laughing with Ugonma in the room. He told her that the mother needed her in the kitchen and Sandra happily left while David brought a chair. He sat before her sister without a trace of smile. Instantly, Udoka flashed into his mind then he began to think about her. No one gives him happiness than she short chiffon homecoming dress with lace racerback
does. Ugonma noticed his mood and asked, "Is anything the matter?"
"I'm fine" David replied.
"No, i have observed you ever since you came back. It seems like you don't like the girl you came with"
David glanced at her sister for being so smart but never said a word rather bent his head.
"I don't like her either" Ugonma added.
"Why?" David stared at her.
"I have seen and come in contact with people like her in my school. From the little time i have spent with her here, i can tell you that she's not a girl you can control or handle. There are specified words for people like her which i don't
want to mention"
"Runs girls?"
Ugonma nodded her head smiling for having a smart brother. "How did mum know her very well?" she asked.
"That's a question I'm trying to figure out the answer. I planned to come with.. with.."
"Another girlfriend?" Ugonma helped.
"Why using the word another? I only have one"
"No, Sandra is not my girlfriend"
"Then why did you come with her?"
"Mum told me to do so!"
"This is strange" both kept quit looking at each other.
"So, who's this your girlfriend you
wanted to come with?" Ugonma broke the silence.
"Her name is Udoka from our village" David replied.
"Ndiogoro? Please, bring her to me, i want to see her"
"We are not in good terms" David said sadly...
Sandra looked around the kitchen when she entered. She stood beside Mrs Robinson. She grew in the village so kitchen activities wasn't something strange to her. She had used both firewood and electric cooker to prepare food. She even loves cooking. She was quite a good and hardworking girl just that the condition of her
background led her into prostitution added to Udoka's issues.
"Let me help you with that, Ma'am" Sandra took the big spoon from Mrs Robinson who adjusted away looking at her. "Why are you surprise as if I'm doing a new thing, ma'am?"
"I'm not surprise" Mrs Robinson replied.
"Have you forgotten what i told you?"
Back to Ndiogoro village where Sandra went with David, Mike and Ernest, Mrs Robinson called her privately and began to interrogate her.
"My daughter, who's your father?"
"Mr Caleb" Sandra replied.
"Caleb of Ndiuko?"
"Yes, do you know him?"
"Yes, that's my village where i grew up before i was married to Ndiogoro by my husband" Mrs Robinson smiled remembering the past. "Your father was the first man i ever knew. He's so hardworking and can do any kitchen work..."
Mrs Robinson continued, "Your father can cook, so I'm not surprise at your kitchen attitude"
Sandra smiled broadly without saying anything.
"I promised him that my son will marry his daughter one day but he never believed me. So i want to surprise him" Mrs Robinson added, yet Sandra kept quiet. Of course she knew where she was driving at but pretended as if she had no idea.
"I hope you'll be happy to be my
daughter-in-law" Mrs Robinson asked. Sandra was shy enough to reply but began to smile which means 'yes' to Mrs Robinson.
Before the day ran out, David and Sandra began their journey back to school. David had explained the to his sister the problem between him and Udoka and she advice him to go back to her and also make sure he brings her home for
her to see.
Sandra kept smiling inside the car as they were going back remembering all that Mrs Robinson said. David, who was
on the driver seat glanced at her and said, "What's so amusing?"
"Your mum" Sandra replied.
"What about her?"
"Sorry, women discussion, i can't tellyou"
"My mum said she knew and chatted with you before now. How come?" David queried.
"That was in your village" Sandra replied.
"What was the outcome?"
Both remained quiet.
"David, can we remain like this?" Sandra broke the silence. "I promise to be the good girl you want, please. I love you so much"
David glanced at her but kept quiet.
The day was getting dark when David got to his apartment. Mike and Ernest told him that Udoka looked for him. With the spirit, he rushed out to the twins resident.
The four girls were in the sittingroom when David entered then all stared at him...