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Despite a continuous effort by various health agencies in our country to spread information about staphylococcus, it continues to affect a large percentage of the population in Nigeria, and a large chunk of those affected is comprised of the young population. Staphylococcus is a group of bacteria that cause a multitude of diseases. Even though it is not a sexually transmitted disease, yet it is transmitted through sexua vintage style items with lace decorated for a formal party ... l contacts, which means that semen, blood, and other body fluids that are coming from people with staphylococcus are highly contagious. They can affect men and women of all backgrounds and economic levels. Despite the untiring efforts in creating awareness about the scourge, it continues to show a rising trend among the youths.

Staphylococcus can be contacted in different ways:
1, Sharing the same under wears which someone who have been infected used.
2, Sharing the same Toilet especially toilets which someone who have been infected used etc ..

Have you been having this staphylococcus symptoms:
1 ) Itching in private parts ?
2 ) Stomach Noise ? .
3 ) Skin Rashes ?
4 ) Frequent Urinating ?
5 ) Hotness of Body always ?
6 ) Waste Pains ?
7 ) Back Pains and Bone marrow Pains ?
8 ) Joints Pains ?
9 ) Frequent Sweating ?
10 ) Discharge from woman female privates(Some like whitish or mucous ?
11 ) Blood stooling & Urinating ?
12 ) Light boil ?
13 ) Moving sensation round the body?
14 ) Painful sexual Intercourse ?
15 ) Sexual inadequacies of all sort only lasted for one round sex with your wife?
16 ) Loss of sexual urge ?
17 ) Zero Sperm count?
18 ) Watery sperm?

Note: Taking antibiotics and injections can only subdue the ailments. You have to take a powerful herbal medicine that will flush those bacteria from your blood stream...

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