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About my life

2001 I was doing grade 9 my sister was killed by the crocodile at the river I was so hurt
2002 I was doing grade 10 I eat poison at school n admitted for about 3 weeks not eating or moving when they discharge me my dad passed away on Saturday n the next Friday before his burial I was suppose to write my first final paper. I was still in pains cramps but I over come it n pass to grade 11 wedding apparels specially for women over 40
2004 I failed grade 11 it was for the first time to fail in my life
2006 I was I doing grade I passed it with M
2007 i was doing my first year at university
2008 I drop out i was afraid to fail again n i decided to work as security
2010 i i got a work in mine
2011 at the end of a year I got married
2012 i was blessed with a baby gall n i started with SAPS training
2014 I caught my wife with in our apartment sleeping with my station commander I shoot him n got arrested. 29 August 2014 o was sentenced for 3years n lost my job
2016 I in roll with UNISA doing teaching while I was in prison same year in march 29 they gve me parole
This year I have 15 modules 13 of them are DISTINCTIONS

So guys don't give up in life n if u let other people to inject their fear onto you,you won't live so even u failed keep trying harder in other different ways