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These past two years has been very trying...God has really sent me threw alot...really don't know why...tired of trying to understand why...I just do the best I can to deal with it as a man without going into my Clutch's been a very humbling ride....I have felt hatred. ...bitterness....loneliness..... I have isolated myself from everyone and everything in this very dark place...that I will over inner spirt has been so in tuned with people and life...that it's made me more in tuned with myself and the things that I see so clearly self...just to have inner peace...sometimes you just got to make yourself unavailable to everyone and everything and just upgrade yourself and your life so you can be able to mentor better to the few god may put in front of no. ..but never for a moment put them out of your heart...the true sign of a real boss wedding wears with affordable price